I love overeating with you card. Special moments card - Memories Card

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I love overeating with you. This card will bring back all the cute memories but with smile on their face. so if you want to surprise them with the best gift ever. This is the one. Its not about the expensive gift. Its all about how you make them feel And this card will make them happy.

Funny Birthday card for friends or family. Its a perfect card for people who love to have fun and like unique gifts. Your husband or wife will love this card. So many boyfriends or girlfriends love to give this kind of cards for birthday. Get this hilarious card for the birthday and watch them crack laugh out loud (LOL)  -Custom Gift for Family and Friends. Perfect Greeting Card for Best Friend and Couples. Love Cards.

Size - 5 X 7 or 7 X 5 Inches

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